Monday, January 09, 2012

Dealing With Bullies

Hello everyone! I’d like you to meet Miko, my SIL’s eldest child. Chloe’s big brother.

Kuya Miko and 8-month old Amber. 

He was only 6 years old when they left for the states. This year, he is turning 13 years old. How time flies really fast!

Miko during their last homecoming, Feb 2010

When their family migrated to the US, Miko’s Pappy (as how he dearly calls his dad), Mike’s foremost concern are bullies that may badger Miko at school.

A few years ago, they enrolled Miko to Karate and Taekwondo, which the boy did enjoy. It went perfectly with their schedule since my SIL and Mike both work, Miko goes to his Karate class after school dismissals. His parents fetch him there before they all go home.

Because it wasn’t until he was 10 years old until he had a sibling, he practically grew up alone. He is a quiet child who most of the times contents himself with video games. But he is also a very smart and disciplined kid.

Lately at school, there is a kid bigger that him who always bullies him. Miko just brushes him off. Until one day when he and the other boy were left alone in the room. The bully approached him and was about to say something, Miko who was probably pushed to his limits, pushed him against the wall and said, "Don't ever to that to me again. You don't know what I'm capable of doing. I know Karate!".

Oh-ha! That was enough to give the kid a little scare to leave Miko alone.

I felt proud for Kuya Miko that he knows how to defend himself and for having the patience to wait for the right time when to do it.

After that, the kid no longer bothered him.

How about you, have you been bullied when you’re younger? How did you deal with it?


  1. Wala namang nang bully sakin nung kabataan ko kasi ako ang nang bu-bully! nyahaha! JOKE lang po! Tama lang ang ginawa ni MIko. Dapat lang talaga minsan tatakutin ang mga bully na yan para malaman nila na di lang sila ang matapang at minsan yung iba sa kanila e nagtatapang tapangan lang.Para patunayan din sa kanila na di ka nila pwedeng kayan kayanin! Good job Miko!

  2. ang gwapo ni Kuya Miko,obvious na kapamilya nyo dahil chinito din :)

    worried din ako pag nag-schooling na si Xian about dyan sa bullying,naku malamang talaga ienroll ko din sya sa karate para lang sure.hehe.

  3. There was a time in high school na pinagkalat ng friend ko that i say something bad about others behind their back, nagulat nlng ako the next day wla na akong girl friends.. puro boys nlng kasama ko. But when the truth came out, maliit pa cya sa alikabok sa hiya because of what she did kasi hindi nman totoo. Anyways, past is past. Im glad that Miko was able to show courage kasi nung time na ngyari saken yun gusto ko nlng umiyak sa isang tabi.

    How fast time flies. Kung cute dati si Amber, mas cute na cya ngyon. Naku, mukhang maraming papaiyakin ang magpinsan :)

  4. @anney- hahaha! same tayo. ako din ang bully noon. joke lang din. sabi nila may mga domestic insecurities daw ang mga bully. they usually are the most timid sa bahay. baligtad daw.

    @jo- thanks, sis. oo nga, si amber din, imbes ballet class, gusto ng daddy nya sa karate class. kamusta naman yun, eh ang girly-girly nung anak ko?

    @em- highschool life! maintriga na talaga jan. jan pa lang malalaman mo na who can be your friends for life. nagulat nga ko, i didn't know na kayang lumaban ng bagets, eh ang tahimik nun. ako din, naiiyak na lang sa sobrang galit. rather than manapak, iyak na lang. hay!


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