Monday, January 02, 2012

Backyardigans Or Barney

Amber’s 2 most favorite TV shows are Backyardigans and Barney, not to mention Mickey and lately, Barbie. She watches them day in and day out.

Since we were busy preparing food on the day before the new year, we allowed her to watch whatever she desired the entire day, thanks for the episodes I have downloaded months before, she didn’t run out of new episodes to watch.

She will just call on us and ask for either Backyardigans or Barney.

Before we slept that night, I asked her to say Backyardigans to let her Daddy hear how funny she says the word. She says it as 'Bac-ker-di-gans'.

“Sige na Amber, say Back-yar-di-gans”, I said enunciating every syllables so she can follow.

Amber said, “Baaaa....”

Then she flashed her sweetest smile and said, “BAR-NEY!”

Me: Not Barney, Back-yar-di-gans...

Amber: Baaa.... BAR-NEEEEY!


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