Monday, January 16, 2012

Our New Travel Companion

In preparation for our summer plans *excity-excity*, we finally bought the Silver Cross FIZZ Eclipse stroller that I’ve been drooling about, for Amber. 
Err, pardon the background... ^_^

I’m so glad that the Hubby finally convinced me we decided to buy it 2 weekends ago (yeah, late post :() because it was already the last stock other than the one on display. The other stock has just been bought an hour before us. As in the owner was only about to pick it up when we got there.

I’d really be disappointed if we will not be able to get the exact same model.

I like its color and very classy look. The seat is reversible. If you get tired of the black seat cover, just flip it and you’ll have a light gray one!

It’s very compact. Folding it is easy. It has a shoulder strap to make carrying it when climbing a few flights of stairs effortless.

It has a cup holder, although it can only hold up to 6 oz., okay na din.

It has a removable canopy.
I wasn't able to take a picture without the canopy. :(

There is a detached rain cover in case it drizzles.

There is a basket under the seat, which the Hubby’s family commented to be small but just enough size for me. Sanay kasi kami na we put everything we buy on the stroller kaya gusto yung malaki ang basket. Oo na! Next time, bibili tayo ng sarili nating shopping cart. LOL!

Plus it’s super affordable! *grin*

There is only one thing that I didn’t like about it. 

It looks like the entire stroller is tilted too backwards looking as if it will topple when pushed. But when we seated Amber on it, it was stable naman. Yun lang, you cannot put a bag at the back when the seat is empty otherwise, the weight of the bag will really make the stroller fall over. 

But I can live with that. Basta I am super happy with it! Sha na ang bago kong bestfriend sa lakwachahan! Hubby is happy too because it eats up lesser space in the car and it’s easier and lighter to carry.

I asked nga pala the sales person for an extra bigger box where we can put Amber’s old travel system. He was super nice naman to look one in the storage room for me. Masaya si kuya kasi nakadami sha ng sales tonight. Hehe! 

Amber is as happy as we are. She didn't put up a fight when we sat her on the stroller. And she did stay there while we stroll around until we got to the car. Relax na relax lang ang bagets. ^_^

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  1. Noice! Bagay na bagay kay Amber.
    Wish ko lng mapapaupo ko din sa stroller si Akira para no more back aches for me :(


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