Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Holiday Appetite

"You have to admit. You ate like a pig this holiday season. A big fat starving pig! You wolfed down just about anything that was served on the table." 

Who can resist food during those times anyways? They’re just everywhere! And it was a season to be merry and a merry season wouldn’t be complete without lots of good food, isn’t it?

"But hey, holidays are over! Then why are you still on a holiday appetite?" 


"You braved the scales this morning and it was disheartening... You gained! Really gained weight!!! At nagtaka ka pa talaga?!?"

"So today, you didn’t eat...much. And you successfully refused to eat in-between meals, too. You are constantly reminding yourself that the holidays are over."

"So as the food! Get a hold of yourself. You have to attend to several reunions this coming months and you don't want to look bigger than you already are now."  

-An open letter to Bunay from Kunsensha.


  1. Haha, very clever! Pinagalitan ang sarili - i think i need to do the same. I've not only ate for England, I've been so lazy as well. Happy New Year to you and all the best =)

  2. hehe! sometimes i have to. out of control na kasi. ^_^
    thank you kristeta. happy new year as well to you and your boys there in UK!

  3. Bkit nageecho ang kunsensya mo hanggang dito?pinapagalitan din ako. friends yta sila ng kunsensya ko. hehe. :)


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