Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Chipmunks Story

It didn’t occur to me that the two consecutive nights that the Hubby and I brought the Chipmunks toys in the house would make Amber look forward to our nightly arrivals.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to pass by any McDonalds on the way home on the 3rd night. I thought it will not be a big deal for her as she already has 2 Chipmunks toys to look for more.

When I opened the gate, there was this smiling girl who gave out a loud "HI!", hurried towards me and gave me a kiss – without me asking yet! You know that she's up to something because we usually have to constantly ask her for a kiss when we arrive.

Then it was followed by, “Mommy, where’s toy?”.

Ouch! She did remember and she was anticipating. She even looked inside my bag. I had to talk to her and explain that we did not have any. I couldn’t take the sad look on her face so I made a promise to bring her another toy the next day.

So ayan... there are Chipmunks everywhere in the house!
Team Chipettes & Team Chipmunks

They're having a friendly great time!

Note to self: Bringing of toys and books for the little girl must not be done every night or she will think of it as a routine and expect that there will be a pasalubong everytime we arrive. Okay lang kung meron, eh pano kung wala? **I cannot stand seeing her so disappointed.** She must learn that pasalubongs are treats and surprises that she can only have once in a while. Teka, sino ba ang dapat turuan -- yung anticipating toddler o yung spoiler na parents?!?


  1. uhmmm,spoiler na parents! haha. i think yung pagiging working mom natin sis,sa pasalubong tayo minsan bumabawi from the whole day na di natin sila kasama.although nowadays,nililimit ko na din talaga na hindi masyado sa toys si xian,snack na lang pasalubong every night :)

    uy kumpleto na chipmunks and chipettes in amber girl,cute!:)

  2. Aww.. Hirap ngang makita ang little girl na disappointed. It breaks our heart :(


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