Friday, January 13, 2012

Man’s Bestfriend Is A Kid’s Bestfriend, Too

Before I transferred to the Hubby’s family house in 2009, I lived all my life surrounded with dogs! My family just loves dogs. There was not a time we never had a dog in the house who walk freely around (yes, we never put a leash on them!).

We purposely didn't take in pedigree dogs though because of their very high maintenance. We stick to half-breed to native dogs and they are just as adorable!

Having a soft spot for this domesticated animal, I wanted to share with you pictures from a forwarded email that the Hubby’s aunt sent me this morning. They’re so cute that I simply can’t resist from having them land a spot in this blog. ^_^


  1. I also have a soft spot for dogs.
    One of our dogs in my parents house co-sleeps with my sister (yes, sa bed niya). And, when the German Shepherd given to Khan by his mom was still a few months old, it used to sleep under my bed nmn. Hehehe. Ako ang amo and hindi si Khan. But now, since we cannot bring our big dog in the apartment, we have no choice but to leave it at my parent's house :(

  2. Ang kyut!! pinakagusto ko yung 2nd photo!

  3. kyooot pics! mahilig din si hubby sa dog,mostly yung backyard ng in-laws ko puro animals kaya aliw si xian everytime andun kami.although right now we don't have any pet in our house siguro pag malaki na konti si xian :)


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