Monday, January 30, 2012

Photos From The Past Weekend

Nothing exciting naman about this post except that I had to take a picture of them because they were wearing shirts with the same color and denim bottoms, which I only noticed when I walked behind them! Nag-usap ba sila?!?!

The pictures here were taken at Festival Mall in Alabang when we stopped over to buy some goodies to bring to Nanay for our weekend visit to her.

Amber was so excited being on the walkalator inside Shopwise...

Actually, excited sha everytime nakakakita ng escalator.

At shempre, kung may picture ang mag-ama, dapat ako din no!

Thanks to Daddy whose intention of taking this picture was to get back at me for always
taking his picture without him knowing... buti na lang laging camera-ready ako! Hehe!



  1. Carbon copy na carbon copy :)
    Buy matching outfits para mapagkamalan kayong sisters :)

    1. oo nga! that would be nice. kaso inuunahan ako ng daddy, feel na feel nya na sila yung matchy-matchy when it comes to colors at least. ^_^


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