Monday, January 09, 2012

Weekend Dinner Date: Superbowl (Trinoma Branch)

When Mama is not in the mood to cook dinner, we’ll end up dining out. Shempre hindi naman kami makareklamo, kasi ang magreklamo, maiiwan sa bahay! Kaya mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro ang pagbibihis namin into our street clothes.

She wanted to eat at Hap Chan kaso wala nun sa Trinoma, Mann Hann naman, isang kanto ata ang haba ng pila. Pag wala pa rin, keri na ang Chow King nito, makakain lang, past 9PM na yun eh! Good thing Superbowl has few vacant tables. Swak sa Chinese food cravings ni MIL! 

Winner kay Amber ang fish crackers! Kasi naman yung waiter sa harap ni Amber nilagay yung crackers. She indulged herself with it while we were all busy choosing from the menu. She didn’t even want to share and only pushed the bowl away from her when it’s already empty. Binakuran talaga yung fish crackers, grabe. Normally, I wouldn’t let her eat junk foods but a little sometimes won’t hurt I guess.

See how happy the girl is, lalo na when she was given a
flower balloon by our server. Nawala ang mata! 

Here are what we ordered...

Yang Chow Fried Rice
What Filipino family would pass for a yummy rice recipe? The small size serving is good for 2 to 3 persons. Bitin na pag 4 kayo. The next serving is for 5 to 6 persons. Walang in between?

Pork Barbecue Asado
For any barbecue dishes, I always get the charred part. I know it’s unhealthy but it’s the most flavorful part! The asado is ok, nothing that will really wow you. Except for the outer charred part, the meat is bland for my taste. Kelangan lang siguro ng mas maraming sauce.

Beef Fillet Chinese Style
Although the meat is thinly sliced, the part I got is quite rubbery. It kinda discouraged me from trying yet another piece. Saka I was busy emptying the S&S Fish plate kasi eh. LOL!

Crispy Noodles
It would have been better if they put more sauce. It became too dry after the ingredients were mixed together. I still go for that of North Park’s.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
My staple Superbowl or any Chinese restaurant dish! Superbowl never fails me when it comes to Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet. I’ve always liked that it's just right for my taste - not less or too sour with just the right amount of sweetness. I can settle just having this for my ulam! 

The Hubby was excited to order for Taho but it wasn’t available. Pansin nyo? Whatever the Hubby orders lately, hindi available. Tsk-tsk! ^_^

The Hubby’s family by the way isn’t really a big eater so despite the small to just-right serving of Superbowl, we still took home some left-overs. Ayan, may pang-lunch na uli kami the next day. 

I forgot to ask Mama about the receipt so I can’t be able to provide guides for the prices. L

‘til our next eating adventure!


  1. i thought i was looking at my own post...hehe! been to big buddha last dec., isa lang ata silang company. :)

    yummy foods at affordable price, at least sa big buddha, sulit!! :))

  2. hi talinggaw! i checked your blog and omg!!! mukhang kambal ang s&s pork at s&s fish! haha!
    i'll bring my mil to big buddha next time, thanks! ^_^

  3. another kakagutom post at ang cute ni Amber girl :)

  4. nandadamay lang sis. sabi kasi somewhere, if you can't make yourself thin, make everyone else fat! so ayan, kumain tayo nang kumain! harharhar!

  5. So kaka this post. Kakainis kasi kakagutom :(

  6. i liked their bday noodles & siomai!

  7. @em- oo nga eh, so kaka kasi nakakasira ng diet! haiz!

    @pinkcookies- oh, yeah... we should've ordered the birthday noodles instead! next time! ^_^


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