Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quaker Oat Cookies

I’ve never been excited to try the Quaker Oat Cookies until I saw this...
with Chocolate Chips!

There are 3 cookies in every pack.

Can you spot the chocolate chips? 

LOL! Yeap, there was too little of it in every cookie. Sigh! I didn't even get to taste it. The cookie tasted more of an oatmeal cookie. Well, because that is what it's supposed to be, added with a very few some chocolate chips for variety. It can pass for a good snack though especially for those who are conscious of their fat-intake.   

It has a mini-version called the Oaties...

This is already 28 grams?!? Bitin!

But I enjoyed eating this more because it looked like there are more chocolate chips in every mini cookie (mini nga kasi. ^_^). 

The 3-cookie pack costs PhP11~12, while the Oaties costs PhP12~13


  1. That's our current fave snack too! Actually, ako lng pala kasi Akira prefers the one with honey. Hehehe.

    Either mashado lng maliit yung Oaties kaya mukhang malaki yung chocolate chips or konti lng tlaga ang choco chips sa Quaker Oat Cookies

  2. i've never tried this one but it looks delicious. i will go and find some quaker oats cookies later..

  3. Hmmm I love cookies lalo na kapag may kasabay na coffee =) hmmm medyo ang liit nga ng choc chips ah. You just reminded me Ive not done cookies in a long time - matry nga itong flavour na ito =)

  4. @em- i'm really not into oatmeal cookies kasi. i don't enjoy the texture. I just tried this because of the choco chips. pero i ended up liking it despite the matipid na chocolates. konti lang talaga, kasi pagkakaalam ko, they are promoting this as pang-'healthy' snack. ^_^

    @cna- they said the other varieties are okay din.

    @kristeta- ay sige sis! make mine konting oats and maraming choco chips ha! ay, talagang umorder! hahaha! i'm sure yours will turn out yummy. ^_^

  5. i only buy the one w/ raisins when i suddenly crave...

    if you love choco chip cookies, i recently discovered that chips delight coffee caramel chip cookies and chips delight peanut & caramel chip cookies are sa yummy pala! di ko pinapansin chips delight before e. Haha! cheaper pa.. pero all time fave ko pa rin fibisco choco chip cookies!

    1. agree with chips delight. before, i used to buy lang yung fibisco ba yun na chocolate chips cookies pero when i tried chips delight, i switched! ^_^
      the peanut caramel i haven't tried yet but now, i will! ^_^ masarap din yung may chocolate strips nila. forgot how they call it. chocolate stripes ata.


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