Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Bunay’s 2011 Gratitude List

Before really moving on to 2012, I’d like to make mention of the things I was grateful of for the year that has passed. Here they are in no particular order. ^_^

★ A healthy family.

★ Finding courage to start this blog and having to know wonderful people and earning friends in the process.

★ My experience in taking care of a household during Mama’s absence for 6 months.

★ My and the Hubby’s jobs that keep us financially able.

★ Amber for always bringing joy and ease to our everyday lives and proving that the “terrible twos” is purely a myth (in her case at least).

★ The Hubby who always makes me feel loved and cared for.

★ Nanay for being the best mother to me even if I only see her once every other week.

★ My in-laws for always making me feel accepted and that I always belong to the point that I sometimes confuse myself as the daughter and that my husband is the son-in-law. Hahaha!  

★ My officemates who I share most of my day time with, for always keeping a friendly atmosphere at work.

★ My boss for appreciating the things I do.

★ My friends who are always faithful despite the distance.

★ And most especially, to you Bro, for being loving, forgiving and merciful.

I didn’t know that making a gratitude list can be oh so fun and easy! Just imagine yourself holding an Oscar or wearing the Ms. Universe crown and it would all be easy. Teehee! Seriously, all that one has to do is speak from his/her heart. I did! *wink* ^_^


  1. great list sis lanie! happy new year to your fab family. good to know that you had a blast,sarap naman ng mahabang bakasyon! :) i need to catch up reading your posts soon,hehe!

  2. happy new year sis! glad to see you back. nanahimik ng todo your blog ha!

  3. I'm sure the people you've listed are also grateful to have you :)

    Cheers to another year ahead :)

  4. aaawww... thanks sis. ^_^
    cheers to another happy year!


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