Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Chipmunks Are Back

I am totally enamored of the Chipmunks ever since I was a kid. I so love them!

I watched their TV shows when I was little and lately, their movies too! And I’m so happy that they have another instalment coming up.

We drove thru McDonalds last night and my eyes went wide seeing them in the window! I wanted to buy 6 Happy Meals instantly - including the Chipettes! But I first settled for the goofiest and most mischievous of them all, Alvin. 

Then I thought he wouldn't be happy alone so I got Brittany, too. 

I wasn’t sure yet if Amber will be glad to see them because they are neither Barney nor any of the Backyardigans but what the heck, I’ll keep them for myself if Amber wouldn’t. ^_^

When I took them out of my bag and showed them to Amber, she smiled, took them from me, said thanks, peeked inside my bag again (perhaps to make sure she wouldn't miss another toy, lol)  and ran away to show her new toys to the rest of the household. “Look, Mama, look!... Look, tita Kate, look!... Look, Tita, look!”. She was running all around holding the little fellahs in her hands.
The Brittany toy has a platform that lights up.

Before I even remembered that they have not been introduced to each other yet, Kate told me that my bringing in Alvin and Brittany was very timely as Amber has been asking who they were when she saw them in a TV commercial earlier. Seems like she was also smitten by them.

I asked Amber if she knows who they are and she said, “Chih-munks!”.

So cute! I am definitely taking home the rest of the gang! I am even considering of buying 2 sets so both Amber and I can have our own Chipmunks and Chipettes toys in case she would not want to share them with Mommy! ^_^

Thank you McDonalds for having again another nice set of toys for the kids and kids at heart.

Oh! Amber even made a Christmas tree for them out of her alphabet blocks...
A puzzle piece for a star tree topper.
(hindi pa yata nakaka-get over sa pasko ang anak ko! LOL) 

Of course, she has to have a picture taken together with her new toys... and their Christmas tree!
She was the one who put Alvin and Brittany in front of the 'tree'.


  1. Si mommy nmn pla ang may gusto tlga ng chipmunks :) hehe. You should hear them sing Fireworks. lol

  2. ang cute! last night,Xian is also asking me to buy Alvin,Simon and Theodore since fave nya movies nila.deadma nya ang chipettes.haha! pero after I saw Brittany toy,nakakaaliw nga na icollect sila lahat ano.hurray for the kid at heart like us! hehe.

  3. Awww they are adorable, arent they. Dito naman Burger King ang may papromo ng Chipmunks, All they have that day we went were Brittnay and Theodore. Kakatuwa lang na yung characters from when we're kids are here for our kids to get to know and like.
    Ang sweet naman ni Amber, ginawan pa ng Christmas tree ang new toys nya. =)

  4. @em- korek! ginagawa lang dahilan ang bagets. hehe! ay talaga? they sang fireworks? hanapin ko nga sa youtube, like ko rin yung song na yun kaya. ^_^

    @jo- oo nga, take the girls home na rin. kasi the more, the merrier!

    @kristeta- chipmunks are timeless talaga! their being in the limelight now makes me feel young again. hehe. i'd like to see how burger king toys look like. i'm sure they are equally adorable.
    after nya gawan ng tree, ayaw na ipahawak samin yung chih-munks. :(

  5. Kaya nga minsan pag may pinapabili ako kay hubby ang tanong nya agad sakin, Para sayo or para kay Akira :) Hehehhe


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