Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Long Weekend Sanity-Saver!

It kept me from drowning in despair in the weekend that passed. Eh kasi naman, it was a long weekend since Jan-23 was declared a non-working holiday for the celebration of the Chinese New Year (Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!). Prior to weekend, we had so many plans where to go,... where to eat...

Initially, the Hubby and I planned for an Ilocos Norte road trip. Why there? I want to see windmills!!! I already imagined myself posing with the giant windmills lining up at the background. Kaso humirit si MIL, Baguio na lang daw kasi mainit sa Ilocos... ok payn!

Agree na rin kahit 2 days kong hindi kinibo si Hubby. Hehe! Sa kanya ko ibinuhos ang disappointment ko of not seeing the windmills that weekend. But I was already having mental plans when to go... hintay-hintay ulit ng long weekend! ^_^

Come Friday, the Hubby announced that he needs to oversee a project in Aseana Macapagal. Apparently, they will be suppying materials for the forthcoming Redhorse Muziclaban the following week and the materials will be delivered that Saturday.

When he came home after lunchtime, we were no longer in the mood for a long travel so we just stayed at home. So long first day of the long weekend!

Sunday, the Hubby went to the Fort to bike with his former boss. Surprisingly, he was already home at 10AM! At lunch, we were planning where to go afterwards. He suggested driving to Subic, have a meal and an ice cream snack somewhere there then go back however late it is. The idea was appealing when suddenly, he had a migraine attack. There goes the second day of the long weekend, which seemed not so long anymore. :(

Monday, the day of lion dance and ampaws! At least we went to SM Fairview because we drove Mama to her gym session. Then we had breakfast while waiting, then lunch, then went home.

So what happened with the supposed long weekend? It has slipped away so fast! We didn’t even get the chance to watch any movies. DARN! Buti na lang may natira pa sa pinadalang TRUFFLES ni SIL! Sad ako! So I munched quite a fair amount of it... half a pack siguro. It made me happy at least... AND HEAVIER BY A FEW POUNDS!!! OH WELL! ^_^ 


  1. awww,sad nga sis when you have plans in mind tas di matutuloy.anyway madami pa naman upcoming long weekend.bawi na lang :) buti may masarap na chocs to cheer you up,hehe!

    1. yun nga masakit e, nakadami ako ng kain... ilang calories naman kaya yun? haaay! disappointed talaga ang lola mo! hay!

  2. Wow, Truffles!
    I haven't tasted the real thing yet. I've tried the one's from Max's, yummy cya, in fairness :)

  3. melts in the mouth ^_^
    ay meron ang max's? hmmm, i have to try that too! wehehe! basta kainan eh no?


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