Monday, January 16, 2012

Street Foods Galore!

Yesterday was my parents-in-law’s wedding anniversary so we went to Ever Memorial Garden to visit Papa.

On our way there, we stopped at every store that sells STREET FOODS!!! So our table were filled with yummy street delights...
Clockwise from top: Turon, Kwek-kwek, Scramble, Lumpiang Togue,
Squid Balls, Banana Cue, Steamed Corn on Cob.

We jokingly told Mama that this is the best celebration ever when it comes to foods! Seriously, we all enjoyed eating variety of street foods that day! ^_^

Oopsie, Amber wasn’t allowed to eat anything that was on the table. She was only there to pose for the camera, as usual!

By the way, she has learned the habit of saying "no, not for kids!", when we test her by offering her softdrinks or junkfoods. Boy, I’m so glad that she is taking in the things we teach her. At least, I can be confident that she is not sneakingly eating junkfoods when I’m not around. ^_^

Don’t worry kiddo, you will get to taste these too when you’re all grown up. Let’s wait until then. ^_^


  1. kakagutom naman yan! i like the steamed corn on cob and banana cue as two of my all time fave! di talaga nawawala sa kainan ang mountain dew mo sis :)

  2. Shempre, hindi mawawala ang Mountain Dew :)
    Buti pa si Amber masunurin. Akira eats everything that we eat. Even sands on the beach. Hehehe.

  3. Ganyan din kami mag food trip ng mga street food. hahaha! lahat ng madaanan o makita bibilhin. Minsan naman nasa labas lang kami ng bahay. Lahat ng dumaan na street food vendor binibilhan namin like fishballs/ squidballs, balut, popcorn, pizza, mais with cheese, puto and kutchinta with yema, pritong baga at kung anik anik pa. hahaha! basta may softdrinks na kami nakahanda. Dati may mga naglalako din ng scramble dito samin kaya lang lumevel up na sila. may mga stall na sila. hehehe!

  4. Hmmm, nagutom naman kami sa post mo! I love babana q , turon & lumpiang togue. Naalala ko when I was still in high school, may kapitbahay kami na laging may nakabalot na for me, haha! Alam nya di namin kaya i-resist ang sarap ng mga luto nya =)


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