Friday, October 05, 2012

Today is Teachers’ Day

I’ve had so many teachers who I look up to and who truly inspired me. But when I am asked one who I will never forget – it will always be Mrs. Bautista, my 1st Grade teacher, who tops the list.

Sadly, my memory of her isn't nice. I never forget her because she was the first teacher who terrified the hell out of me. Imagine a 6-year old, feeling so afraid of her teacher and experiencing culture shock because I was put into a public school from having attended a very organized private nursery and kindergarten school? I pity my little self. L

Our activity that day was to write our name in a piece of paper. Every pupil was struggling to write their names. I was watching them. When she saw me, she told me to place my hands palms up on the table. As I did, she whipped them with a foot-long ruler.

I was so shocked! I didn’t even know what was it that I did wrong.

It appeared that she thought I wasn’t doing the activity like my cramming classmates were. If she had only asked, she would’ve known that I am already done writing my name on the paper. Having only 9 letters in my name, middle initial included, how hard would it be for me to finish the task? She didn’t even bother to know that I already know how to write, having attended a year in nursery and 2 years of kindergarten.

Sadly, I still feel mad at her whenever I think of it. I guess there are things in life that you just can’t easily forget even if it happened a very long time ago. So now, since it is Teacher’s Day, I want to make peace with her. I promise not to feel mad at her anymore. ^_^

Kids, please don't take my experience a general one and it's not good to keep grudges. There are more good teachers who are genuinely concerned with their students' welfare than those who only see this profession as a job. I am lucky because I've met more good than not. My story here is an isolated experience. 

To all the Teachers who have unselfishly offered themselves and made great sacrifices in molding the future of the next generation, I salute you!

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