Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Is My Teenage-Me Talking

{so don't judge my teenage ways! ;p}

I envy this... this... this lucky bish!


See for your self...

Hahaha! Ako na ang bitter.

I don’t know but I must’ve developed a crush on Channing Tatum when I saw ‘The Vow’. Don’t ask me why or what in particular I liked about him basta since then, I’ve been on a lookout for his movies. I’ve seen 21 Jump Street, Dear John and it was only upon seeing Magic Mike that I learned he was also a very good dancer!

Nag-uumapaw na pogi points sobra!

I couldn't help but feel more awestruck.

Hubby: Di ba nga sa Step Up na movie sha nabigyan ng break.
Me: Andun sha sa Step Up?!?!
Hubby: Di mo ba napanood yun? Sha kaya yung bida.

I know about Step Up of course but I haven’t watched it. Neither do I know that Channing is the lead actor.

So ngayon, mega-downloading ako while reading about the film and found out that he began dating his Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan after filming the movie and eventually married her in 2008.

Argh! I couldn’t be more affected! Hahahaha!

But really, they look so good together. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I could already feel their chemistry and the love between them even only in photos.

You lucky, lucky girl! Grrr... ^_^

I should seriously stop stalking celebrities 'coz I end up heart-broken all the time. LOL!


  1. Haha! Apir! Super mega crush ko din si Channing after Ian S., of course :) Ang swerte lng talaga ni Girlaloo, ano?

    Btw, Elena is a vampire na! :)

    1. huwaaaat?!?! hehe, parang nagulat pa talaga ako. i wonder how the story will go from there, eh di wala nang kelangan i-protect di ba?

      hay nakech, can't wait until the season ends para makapagdownload na at makanood ako ng dire-direcho. ^_^


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