Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ang Pikon, Hindi Pogi!

Amber is so fond of looking at male Korean actor-singers. When she hears a particular music video that Mama is watching on YouTube, she’ll sprint to Mama’s side and just be mesmerized by the K-Pop singer.

She said pogi daw kasi. Toinks! Hey, what do you know of ‘pogi’?! You’re just 3 years old! That’s Daddy, echoing.

Me: Amber, eh si Daddy, pogi ba?
Amber: No!
Mama: Kasi, yung Korean sa video ang pogi para sa kanya.

Okay then, baguhin natin ang tanong.

Me: Amber, is Daddy handsome? (I was already nodding at her so that she would say yes)
Amber: Nooooooo.... (with matching iling!)

Hubby: Bakit pa ba kita binibilhan ng gatas, damit, diaper, toys, etc, etc...

Hahaha! May napikon!


  1. Baka nmn kasi ang hinihintay ni Amber are the four magic words? Tall, dark and Cute? hehe

    1. papasa na daw sa cute. pero tall and dark? nah! hahaha! teka baka mawalan din ako ng allowance nito.


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