Monday, April 02, 2012

"Oh My Gosh... Sorry... Dugo"

“Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”

“Sorry... Mommy, sorry...”

“Oh my gosh! Dugo oh! Dugoooo!!! Oh my gosh!”

These were what Amber said in between sobs.

She was playing and running around with other kids when she fell and scratched her knees.

Taken after I have cleaned the scratches, it didn't look bad but when
it dried up, the scabs were really ugly and left a dark mark on her knees. :-(

Naawa talaga ako sa kanya kasi it was her first time to have a blood-stained scratch pero I was trying hard to suppress a laughter at the same time. The way she said the words, ang arte talaga! Made me wonder where she learned to speak that way? Must be from the TV! Oo naman, where else? ;-D

After I wiped the scratches on both knees clean, she stopped crying but she kept on saying sorry so I reassured her that it was okay. That as long as she lets us clean the surface, the sugat will soon go away. ^_^


  1. ouch! kawawa naman si Amber girl,pero cute na cute pa din expression nya.naiimagine ko tuloy ang bagets habang sinasabi nya yun :)

  2. Awww. Kawawa nmn si Amber.
    OMG! she knows that word. Hehehe. Yung niece ko often says that too :)


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