Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HK Trip 2012: Food Experiences


The restaurants closest to our hearts, aka McDonalds and KFC, are a big help when all else fail! Haha! Most of what’s on the menu board are different from what we have here so you have to really read and understand it before you order.

Mak’s Noodles

At the Peak, we found the famous Mak’s Noodles. I’ve read about it and was excited to have found it without much effort. As in paglingon lang namin, andun pala sha!

Sorry I didn’t get to take pictures. Nagmamadali na kasi ang sikmura ko na malamanan eh.

Kate and Mama ordered Wonton and Dumplings Noodles, I had the Beef and Shrimp Wonton Noodles while the Hubby asked for Tossed Noodles with Beef Brisket.

TWO THUMBS UP for Mang Mak!!!

The serving is small but the soup is so flavorful! Even the dumplings and wonton were so yummy! Each noodle soup costs about HK$46-48. Serving is like the bigger Instant Lucky Me bowl. Yeah, I know, it’s mahal. But it’s worth it. ^_^

The manager who served us is really nice and speaks good english. He even offered to give me a smaller bowl and fork, for the little girl daw. It was so considerate of him to have thought of that.

Cafe De Coral

I thought I will never get to eat in this restaurant. I was told that it’s like the Jollibee of Hong Kong so I thought of giving it a try.

We first saw a branch at Mongkok. The place was a little small and crowded so the group convened at a corner while discussing what to order from the menu display. When we have made up our minds, I approached the cashier and told her the numbers corresponding to the meal. She said something in Chinese. I said “English, please?” very cordially hah! Tapos bigla na lang sabi na, “No! No English!”, then called the guy next to me and took his order. SHE TOTALLY IGNORED ME! Gusto ko maiyak. Gusto ko sha sigawan. Kakaloka! Turista ako noh! I don’t deserve to be treated that way. At least man lang she made an effort to understand me kahit sign language na lang kami di ba? Kaka-highblood! Mama cursed her from afar, hehe!

The next day, when we were at Tsim Sha Tsui, we saw another branch. It was raining, we were already hungry and there are no nearby restaurants that have English translation on their menu so we decided to give Cafe De Coral another try. We were hopeful because we observed that there are more foreigners on this side of HK.

I was quite apprehensive as I approached the cashier. Boy, I was glad that everything went well! Aside from the lady is younger and prettier, she is way more accommodating! I was able to order for a Pork Barbecue for all of us! Yey! A meal that includes rice, pork barbecue with a pechay-like veggie and coke costs HK$36.

They actually have more to offer than Pork Barbecue but I was so hungry to even look at the other dishes. Kung ano na lang yung familiar, yun na!

The Pork BBQ tasted like the Pork Asado that we seldom eat at Chinese restos here. Masarap sha! Even the Hubby (yes, the picky eater Hubby) made simot his plate!

Aberdeen Fishball And Noodle Restaurant

We went inside this spacious resto because of the very attractive pictures of the food posted outside. Too bad that they have limited offers pala before 11AM, eh 10AM palang nun. Parang breakfast menu palang ang pwede i-order. So we settled for their Rice Noodles with Dumplings and Shrimp Wonton Noodles.
Eenie-meenie-miney-moe! If only these are available! They look so yum!

When the order came, higanteng mangkok pala! (yay! pictures, finally!!!)

Sabi nga, you will never go wrong with noodle soups in HK! Even the dimsums that are in the soup, perfect! Ang sarap, promise!

Temple Street Night Market Food Houses

Fresh seafood galore! We discovered this area on our second night but we just had our dinner then so sobrang busog pa. We made a plan to eat there the following night. Kaso kill-joy ang ulan! Tables kasi are set-up along the streets. It’s impossible naman to eat there while it’s raining unless we are willing to wait on queue on the limited spaces inside the restaurants. Di ko naman feel kumain ng tossed noodles na may sabaw noh! Haaay, beter luck next time. Yeap, we didn't get to experience it but I wanted so much to, so I included it here na rin hoping you guys find your way there when you're in HK. ^_^

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