Monday, March 19, 2012

ChicBoy: Chicken at Baboy

Pang-alis ng inis... usapang food muna. Hehe! Grah, I will never get to do this diet-ek-ek thing if I keep on talking about foods and reading foodie blogs! 

I know that this chicken-baboy partnership has been around for quite some time but I never got the chance to dine in any of their restaurants before.

When we had Korean guests last month, the nearest Filipino restaurant we had the chance to go to was Chic-Boy. We cannot afford to stay out long because we still have some business left to discuss in the office. Cowboy naman tong mga Korean visitors namin kaya keri na ang Chic-Boy.

I didn’t like the chicken that much but the liempo (i’m not sure if it was grilled or fried) tastes oh-la-la! I wasn’t able to take pictures then kasi kasama yung boss ko, baka mai-promote ko ng hindi oras ang blog kapag nagtanong sha why I am taking pictures. ^_^

So the week after, kinaladkad ko si Hubby na kumain dun.

I ordered the same liempo, which I don’t frequently do. Sayang kasi yung fatty parts that I will not be able to eat. Pero I had to order it again kasi masarap talaga, pramis!

I got the Hubby Chicken Teriyaki from their Japanese line of dishes.

Pasensha na po sa presentation, Hubby already made kalkal the chicken! :)

We also had Calamares as starters and Leche Flan for dessert.

I previously tasted their version of Gising-gising. It was like chopsuey with a sweet and spicy sauce. And it tasted really good too! I am excited to try the Kangkong and the other dishes on their menu.

You are one chic-boy that I will truly like to be with again! See you again!


  1. haha! i've heard about that incident. pero ewan ko ba, i'm feeling adventurous, parang gusto ko i-try yung sauteed kangkong in caterpillar. hahahaha! saucy!


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