Friday, March 16, 2012

HK Trip 2012: Going Around

I so love the MTR! HK has several lines that are interlinked with each other. Again, it is handy to have an MTR Map with you. Going to one place from the other is very easy via the MTR. This is my primary choice of public transport in HK!

Busses are also available with designated routes but the only time I rode on it was going to and from the Airport. I was able to experience sitting on the upper deck but it doesn’t make any difference as when you are on the lower deck, unless siguro if it’s an open upper deck such as in the case of the Citytour, which we did’t get to experience.

Never take a cab if you’re on a budget. The taxi convenience has a very high price in HK! J

We tried the city tram just for the sake of experiencing it but boy, it’s super slow and small and it can get really crowded at some point given its small capacity.

I suggest you avail of the Octopus Card as it makes public transport a lot easier. You don’t have to always worry about having an exact fare in your pocket as you need to when riding a bus or line up at the MTR ticket booth. Just swipe it and off you go!
There I am showing the Octopus Card na hindi na halos makita sa picture!
At the Prince Edward Station. This is the nearest MTR station from our hotel.

In availing of the Octopus Card, you need to pay for the deposit of HK$50 and HK$100 for the initial load. Don’t be too paranoid about exhausting your load without you knowing it. If you need to pay for an amount more than your remaining load, but not more than HK$35, you can use the amount from your deposit only until HK$35 (-HK$35). You can refund any unused balance from the Octopus card plus the deposit upon surrendering it at the Airport but they will take HK$9 for cards that are returned in less than 3 months. Okay na din di ba? Bayad na lang sa convenience yun!

Btw, I took home my Octopus card, just in case somebody tags me along to HK next time. Who knows di ba? It’s better prepared! Harharhar!

Most of the time pala, we just walk from one place to another. The streets are very pedestrian-friendly saka paikot-ikot lang talaga.

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