Monday, March 26, 2012

Butterscotch On A Microwave!

What a busy Monday it is!

Pero ang dami ko gustong ikwento kaya I’ll make time to insert some blogging time in my very busy world. Next time, wala nang maniniwalang busy ako kasi laging bukambibig ko ang word na ‘busy’. Harhar!

At last! After several weeks of hunting for the Maya Butterscotch Brownie Mix, I’m so excited to share my version of Em’s easy Butterscotch recipe! Click on the link to Em’s blog for the recipe.

I couldn't find a square microwavable pan, so I used a 9” round ramekin instead. My brownie looked like a cookie after it has been baked.

Instead of adding in peanuts, I put whole roasted cashew nuts to top my Butterscotch Brownie. Next time, I’ll put more whole cashew nuts. It added a nice flavor to the mixture.

So quick and easy! After exactly 6 minutes, it’s all done! Moist and chewy.

I’ll definitely do it again. But I’ll divide the mixture in 2 portions so the edges will not turn out ‘cakey’ and maintain its fudgy texture all around.  
Doesn't that look like a giant cookie? LOL!

Nevertheless, it’s yum-yum! Thumbs up, Em! Thank you for the recipe. ^_^


  1. Ui.. OC. Kelangan talga naka-line up sila, sis? :) Sarap noh? :)

    1. haha! konti lang kasi sila kaya kelangan equally divided, each square dapat meron pag na-cut na. walang lamangan ba. hehe.


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