Friday, March 16, 2012

HK Trip 2012: Where We Stayed At

We booked our hotel thru Agoda para tipid mode. Just make sure that you check the published rates on the hotel’s website before you check that of Agoda’s. Minsan kasi mas mahal ang sa Agoda, I don’t know why.

It doesn’t matter what area you’d stay. Accessible naman silang lahat. We stayed at Mongkok this time para maiba naman. But I wished we still stayed at Tsim Sha Tsui instead. Mongkok kasi is a very busy district. People here are so aligaga and seemed always on the go. Kung ma-ego kang tao, mapapaaway ka dito! People won’t bother to say sorry pag natabig ka nila. It’s like you have to stay out of their way or wag kang pakalat-kalat kung hindi ka rin lang magmamadali. Time is gold ata ang motto ng mga tao dito.

I have the impression based on our last stay at TST that people there are friendlier. Saka mas maluluwag and sidewalks dun.

We booked a room at Metropark Mongkok. The location is great because of its accessibility to the MTR stations. There is a nearby bakery, mini-grocery, money changer, etc, etc...

But we will never go back to this hotel again. Yeah, it’s affordable but you will not feel rested after a night of sleep here. I think they need to upgrade their beds. Grabe ha, para akong nakahiga sa papag! Even Amber said, “Ay, tigas!” when she sat on it the first time. We always wake up with back muscle pains. Kaloka! Hahanap-hanapin mo si PauL (aka Pau Liniment!).

Saka wala shang cable!!! Huhu! Promise, I’m friends na with 2009 Miss HK, Sandy Lau because it’s her that I keep on seeing on TV, promoting the different attractions there are to see in HK. Lahat nung nabibilang sa kamay ko na channels, andun sha! There are English programs naman once in a while but very limited. Oh, you can watch a movie if you fancy but it’s for a FEE. ;-/

I missed BP International. We regret not staying there this time.

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