Monday, March 19, 2012

HK Trip 2012: Day 2 Kwento

We were outside of the hotel at around 9:30AM. We already had light breakfast from our food stash from the mini-grocery we found the night before so we were all up and about for a major stroll around HK!

Riding the Tram to Victoria Peak should have been our 1st day itinerary on our HK trip last 2010 but PAL cancelled their 8AM flight where we were supposed to be in and moved us on their 2:30PM flight. Sweet! That made us missed our 1st day plans. Kaya this time, we made sure to go there!

Going to the Peak Tram station, we passed by the Pacific Heights Mall then the Hong Kong Park. Took pictures of course!

Antataas ng escalator dun! ^_^

When we reached the station, ang haba ng pila, meyn! But then it’s cold naman kaya hindi ka pagpapawisan kahit extended na until outside of the station the pila. Shempre, pechur-pechur ulit!

Inside the Peak Tram

When we were near the counter, that’s the only time we found out that those with Octopus cards pala can go directly to the entrance and swipe! So kaka! Pumila pa kami ng pagkahaba-haba! On the other hand, oks lang kasi nagpakuha kami ng souvenir shot. Ang mahal! HK$340 (PhP 1,917) for a 5R picture, framed 4R picture and 2 souvenir keychains! Mama availed of it all kasi we don’t go there naman often. In the end, I think it was worth it kasi andun na sha sa console sa bahay, nakadisplay! ^_^

Amber slept even before we got to the tram and woke up only when we were alighting.

It was cold at the peak. As in really cold! As in very cold! Paulit-ulit? Malamig kasi talaga. Di lang ako nagpapahalata kasi baka sabihan ako na ang tigas ng ulo because I refused to wear additional panlamig. Eh malay ko bah!?

Ang ganda sa taas! If not for the many tourists, the place could have been very peaceful, masarap pang-soul-searching (kung hindi sha tourist spot hah!). It's a perfect 'mountain top' candidate (Mila Kunis in Friends with Benefits lang and drama. LOL!). You can see all of Hong Kong from there. Kabog ang matataas na building sa city, pati na yung ISS Tower na highest building nila!

We already decided to go down when we can no longer feel our fingers anymore. ^_^

We stayed on the park fronting the Peak Galleria to look for a place to have lunch. There is this restaurant that I’ve heard of that is known for their yummy dimsum but I forgot the name (urgh!)! The seats inside are all taken and the only available tables are outside. Kaso hindi pa man nakakalapit sa bibig namin yun, for sure malamig na! So we begged off.

Paglingon namin, there’s Mak’s Noodles! We enjoyed dining there! It is one of the few HK restaurants that I find so welcoming.

After lunch, we stayed at the park and enjoyed the cool weather.

Si Amber, hindi na ramdam ang lamig dahil sa sobrang likot! She was running here and there!

She even met a friend.

Oh, we also ate gelato on a less than 12 degrees climate. How’s that for pakapalan ng balat? Harharhar! But it was really freaking cold! Nakakausok-hiningang lamig! I just couldn’t complain because I have to keep my not-nilalamig na aura! ^_^

We went to Causeway Bay via the city tram after to shop. We went to Times Square because my SIL wanted to buy some clothes at Zara. I know! Meron naman dito nun diba? Kaso the dress she wanted was 1K cheaper there so ok na din!
Parang may sombrero festival lang sa harap ng Times Square Mall.

We just ate our early dinner and went back to the hotel to have some rest.

Hindi pa natatapos ang araw dun!

At almost 7PM, we decided to go to the Temple Street at Tsim Sha Tsui for their Night Market. It was 3 MTR stations away lang naman so no sweat!

When we got to Temple Street, laking pagsisisi namin because we were still so full from our early dinner that even if our eyes wanted to eat those fresh seafood that they were serving on the tables set-up on the street, hindi na kakayanin ng tyan namin na kumain. So we just looked for nice souvenirs at the market and planned to come back the next evening to eat there. *excited!*

In one of the souvenir stalls, may sign na ‘SABITAN NG SUSI’. Kalibang diba? We approached Manong and it was so fun haggling with him. May style pa sha na, “...because you’re so white, I give you big discount”. Eh di natuwa naman kami! Kaso when you think of it, you start wondering kung sino kaya samin ang nakabola ng mas malaki? Hahaha!

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