Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Museong Pambata Birthday Party

We attended a birthday party last Sunday at the Museong Pambata. The celebrator PB is the daughter of Hubby’s former co-worker, Benjie.

He informed us that there will be a tour around the museum right after the party. I was looking forward to it. I was even more excited. Feel na feel ko mag-museum tour, kahit pambata pa yun!

Here are some pictures from that day.

With Amber is her new-found friend, Bella.

I must admit that I’m one lazy, kill-joy Mom! I wasn’t keen on participating on any of the games. Wala lang, sobrang deadma. I have to work on it though if I want my toddler to really have a great time on parties.

There was a face-painting corner. I wanted Amber to have Minnie painted on her hand but there was already a long line of kids waiting for their turn so sabi ko balik na lang kami. I should've waited kasi when I remembered to go back, wala na si Kuya Painter! Toink! Buti na lang Bella gave Amber this toy to keep her entertained.

But the museum tour was a hit for Amber! She almost didn't want to leave. Warning: Loads of pictures ahead!!!

Amber totally ignored the tortoise. She was more interested in counting the numbers.

Heading to the museum.

The little Amber in front of the little cathedral.

Uh-oh! I think she doesn't want to be a vegetarian. :(

'Sneak-peeking' ang bago kong bangs! ^_^

Amber kept on pushing Daddy back inside the 'eco-system'. 

There were giant ants...

...and my best friend spider, too!

Exploring what's inside our mouth.

I bet they talked about colors instead. LOL!

Mommy taught Amber how to plant Palay. Bella naman showed us how to harvest them. :D

Here is where Amber stayed the longest! Feel na feel nya ang buhay sa Bahay Kubo.

Amber was so curious that Daddy had to show her how to use this old-school water pump.

The neighborhood convenience store.

Daddy teaches Amber how to play chess.

Adorable barkers. ^_^

Who says driving and modelling don't mix?


Superhero Amber.

Time to say buh-bye! ^_^

Happy 1st birthday, PB! Thank you, Benj and PJ for inviting us. We had a fun-educational time! ^_^


  1. Hi bangs! Kaya nmn pla parang may kakaiba. hihihi.
    I love Amber's outfit! Ang kyoot! :)

    1. nagpapabata, hihi!
      thanks, aktwali, ako may gusto nung dress, wala lang size. :(

  2. uy,havey na havey ang bagong bangs sis! parang ate lang ni Amber oh. hihi!

    1. feeling elementary lang ako na nagfield trip sa museong pambata. haha!


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