Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bahay Kubo

I was busy organizing our things in the room but Amber wanted to stay in the other room because it was colder there. So I left her there watching TV while I continue doing my task. It was a good thing that she was in the mood to sing. I can hear her clearly since the rooms are adjoined. It was easier for me to look after her even if I can’t see her from where I was.

So ayun, she was singing Incy-Wincy Spider at the top of her lungs

When she finished the song, she called on to me. I went to her and she said, “Mommy, finished na incy-wincy...”.

I asked her to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep naman.

She began singing with a smile. I softly closed the door and went back to the other room.

Not too long, here she was calling me again.

“Mommy, finished na Baa Baa Black Sheep!”, she reported.

Aha! So I figured it out! Yeah, it took me that long. 8-/

I had to think of a longer song to keep her from calling me too soon. I asked her to sing Bahay Kubo. It was the perfect song at the moment, I thought because it was longer than the other songs she have sung. I would be able to finish what I was doing by the time she is done.

I left her again as she began singing “Bahay... Kubo...”.

After a few lines, she paused then called on me again.

When I came back, she said, “Di alam ko! Di alam ko bahay kubo, Mommy!”.


Oo nga pala, we never finished teaching her that song kasi kahit kami, hanggang ‘mani’ lang ang alam. What a shame! We always get confused with what’s next. Wrong choice of song, I guess.

Promise, I am so going to memorize Bahay Kubo!


  1. Ayun nmn pla. Hindi naman pla nacocomplete pa ni mommy ang Bahay kubo eh. hihi.
    Namiss ko mga post mo, sis. Mommy Jo was also on blog leave. Magkasama siguro kayo, no?

    1. we wish! haha! pwede ba naman yun, tapos hindi ka kasama? naks!

      galing sa bakasyon ang lola. di ko pa natatapos ang draft ko, ang hirap kasi paikliin ng kwento. hehe! pero later i'll be posting some entries na regarding that. ^_^

  2. cute! bakit mo naman nga kase papakanta Bahay Kubo eh di nya pa alam.hehe. in fairness nag-try pa din ang Amber Girl.Very Good! :)

    1. oo nga eh, ako kasi! hehe. iniisip ko pa shang turuan ng lupang hinirang para pantapat sa k-pop na kinakanta nya. hehe!

  3. Ang haba namn kasi ng bahay kubo at nakakabulol kantahin. hehehe!

  4. hahaha ang kulit, di ko rin memorize ang kantang..mapag aralan na nga rin...

    1. naku sis, kelangang aralin para may maituro tayong sariling atin sa ating mga anak! da vah?


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