Monday, March 26, 2012

A Graduation Story

Because it’s Graduation month, allow me to share a funny and hard-to-believe-but-true story of a College classmate that happened in 2002. Actually, it’s the Hubby who’s really friends with this classmate who will finally be graduating from College in I-can’t-remember-how-many-years-after because he kept on shifting courses.

So finally ito na. I wouldn’t say he’s not excited because he even went to get his gown and cap weeks before the ceremony. One time, he was talking to another classmate on the phone when he remembered to ask something.

Classmate 1 (M): Pare, kelan na nga ba yung graduation?
Classmate 2 (C): Bakit ga-graduate ka ba?
M: Oo naman! Kelan nga ba uli yun?
C: Pare, seryoso ka ba?
M: Oo nga! Kelan?
C: Last Saturday, Pare!

The Hubby and I can’t help not to laugh every time we talk about it. He even replied a "walang ganyanan!", thinking that the other classmate was only making fun of him. He was really clueless.

Isa kang tunay na alamat, M! Bwahahaha!

Congratulations to the Graduates of 2012! ^_^


  1. Grabe, tawa ako ng tawa ha :)
    I wanna know kung ano ang naging reaction ng parents niya sa most awaited graduation na hindi nila napuntahan, hihihi.


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