Monday, March 26, 2012

A Spider Encounter

Have I told you how frightened terrified I am of spiders?! I’m not talking about those eensy-weensy spiders but those who usually carry their squid-ball-sized egg with them. That size and bigger... please... I beg you, stay away from me!

The last weekend we went to Nanay, I had so far the closest encounter to one of them and it really freaked the hell out of me! I ended up crying and almost inconsolable! Busit na gagamba yan! Akala ba nya, feel ko makipag-patintero sa kanya!

Amber kept asking me, “what’s wrong, Mommy?”. And imagine my shame as I tell her that a spider almost crawled on my foot. Pano ko pa kakantahin ang isa sa favorite songs nya kung saan bida si spider?!?


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