Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amber's Milk Formula

After our Pedia visit last weekend, we immediately bought the new vitamins and Pediasure that the Doc prescribed and recommended.

We have given Amber Pediasure before so I didn’t think that it would be a trouble giving it to her now. Big mistake! As soon as she tasted it, she asked to change her dede.

So I mixed it with her milk. I meticulously analyzed the portions and made sure that each scoop would be combined with its proper water equivalent. Oo, ganun ako ka-OA sa mixture na hindi ko naman alam kung may effect ba.

I came up with 3 scoops of Gain Plus and 2 scoops of Pediasure in 8.5 oz of water. Oh di ba, chemistry kung chemistry!

Ask if it worked.

It didn’t.

She would always hand it back. Ang ending, she asked for water na lang and drank water the whole night. 

The next day, everybody who was left with her in the household gave in and made her drink Gain Plus only.

Eh di lalo kaming mahihirapan nito! Tsk-tsk!

When I got home that night, I adjusted the proportions. Para lang akong mad scientist na mega-compute-compute. Ewan ko ba kung talagang big deal yung water-scoop proportion na yan basta kinarir ko.

3 scoops of Gain Plus and 1 scoop of Pediasure in 7.5 oz of water.

I gave instruction to Ate Marissa to put it inside the ref if she doesn’t want to drink yet. Kesa itapon, sayang di ba?

When we were about to sleep, I took the bottle out from the ref and waited until when Amber would ask for her dede.

When she did ask for her milk, I gave her the formula that I painstakingly computed the mixture. Hehe!

She took and drank it. I was already smiling. Then she handed it back to me. My smile disappeared.

Then she said, “CLOWD!”.

Hahahaha! Oo nga naman. Not that she didn’t like it but it was cold kasi galing nga sa ref di ba?

I put the bottle in a bowl with lukewarm water and waited until it’s not cold enough for her to drink. And voila! It was a success (fingers crossed). As soon as she is fully adjusted to the taste, I’ll be increasing the dose of Pediasure until maging puro Pediasure na sha.

Pipitikin ko ang daliri ng hindi susunod sa ginawa kong mixture! ;p

Hay! I hope it will do her wonders like it did the last time she lost weight din. L


  1. sis,pareho tayo sa ganyan as in metikuloso din ako with the proper water and milk ratio. naka whiteboard pa talaga yun para kahit wala ako kabisado nila timpla.

    Progress Gold and Aqiva naman kay Xian,ayaw kase nya food supplement na syrup.gusto ko sana yung chubby chubby na katawan kaso anlikot naman ng bagets.

    ~aliw na aliw ako sa "clowd" ni Amber,pramis! haha.

  2. Ay, oo! pitikin na nga yan :)

    After Anchor, we introduced Akira to Lactum. Sadly, hindi niya ganun ka-type ung taste. Kaya, like you, minimix ko cya with Choco na gatas, gatas na choco :)


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