Friday, March 23, 2012

Bilog Ba Ang Buwan?

I don’t know what’s wrong with Amber, pero lately parang laging bilog ang buwan nya. L

Dati naman madali shang kausap. If we tell her it’s time to change her diaper, she would immediately lie down and wait. Pag may poop sha, she’d tell us and go to the bathroom to have us wash her. Pag iinom ng vitamins, we’ll just tell her then she’ll oblige agad. Pag bibihisan sha, she’ll stay still. Everything is so easy with her.

Pero lately, para kaming laging nasa war zone!

She won’t let any of us touch her when she has poop. Pahirapan painumin ng vitamins. Ayaw nya magpabihis kahit andungis-dungis na. Good thing she is still so willing to take a bath. Kaso after nun, ayaw nya magpasuot ng damit. L

I have asked her what’s wrong and what has been bothering her. Pero she wouldn’t respond naman.

I am starting to feel desperate. I don’t intend to pero I’ve been in the brink of losing my patience lately. Siguro kasi nasanay ako na laging madali shang kausap.

I have tried everything. Talked to her, plead, begged. There was one time I even used a growling voice. Pero all of those, no use.

Then last night, ganun na naman sha, she wouldn’t listen to us. She does whatever things we tell her NOT-TO-DO.


The Hubby’s light bulb lit!

He told her not to eat... biglang kumain.

He told her not to change diaper... she lay down and let me change her diaper without struggling.

He told her not to wipe her sipon (may sipon sha but it cannot be the reason because she’s been behaving this way even before the colds)... she immediately took her wash cloth and wiped the sipon.

Did I miss out on anything here?!? Rebellion ba ito? Aga naman ata?!?

Is reverse-psychology really a chapter in parenting? Lahat ba sila dumadaan sa stage na ganito?

Maloloka ako!!!


  1. Yes, reverse psychology works for us, too! And I think there's no exception that, if not all, almost all kids go through that stage. We just have to have mega to the max patience in handling them :)

  2. di ka nagiisa,sis! haha. ganyan din sa household namin,especially kapag toothbrush moment na.kung dati easy-peasy ngayon naku pilitan na ulit.

    oh well,di kaya nagusap sila ni Amber na mag-aklas satin? :D


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