Monday, March 19, 2012

HK Trip 2012: Victoria Peak And Sky Terrace

It’s the highest mountain in HK and the coldest part, I must say! Brrrr... nanginig lahat ng dapat manginig sa kin! So kaka! It’s here where we heard Amber complained about being “clowd” (cold). 

We took the tram going to the peak. It was a fun experience especially when you start feeling lightheaded as the tram ascends. You can feel the strain in your neck from keeping your head up straight. I don’t know at what angle are we going pero tabingi na yung mga buildings sa paningin ko!

We weren't able to take pictures from the tram as we go up to the peak. Lahat kasi kami mangha sa taas ng inaakyat namin. But here are some pictures on the Peak's Sky Terrace and at the park.

Feeling local kami ni Amber. Nakiki-blend in. Hahaha!

Ni Hao!

Ayaw papigil ni Mama, gusto talaga umapak sa Korea! LOL!

Fare: HK$65 for a round trip plus entrance to the sky terrace, where you can see a 360 degrees view of HK. HK$53 for one way trip to (because you can exit to another route) from the peak via the tram plus the sky terrace. Using the Octopus Card -- HK$25 one way tram and HK$28 entrance to the Sky Terrace.


  1. yun naman pala “clowd” si Amber girl.hehe,cute!

    1. hehe! nakakaramdam din naman pala ng lamig.

  2. glad you enjoyed your ride sa peak tram. ako kasi nahilo ako dati dun! kaloka gusto ko na makarating sa dulo :)

    1. i might have felt dizzy kasi ang awkward ng angle, pero i enjoyed the nice scenery kasi kaya keri lang. ^_^


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