Monday, March 19, 2012

A Visit To Amber's Pedia

We went to Amber’s pedia at St. Luke’s last Saturday. I swear, hindi na ko babalik dun on consultations. Ginutom ako! To think I was rushing the Hubby to leave the house as early as 8AM kasi I wanted to be there as soon as the doctor’s clinic opens at 10AM. Ang haba kasi lagi ng pila. We will be going to Nanay afterwards so I wanted to finish at the doctor’s clinic early.

Kaso, being the persons that we are, we left the house at 9:30AM na! Ambabagal kasi kumilos, so kaka!

Buti na lang the traffic wasn't heavy and we got to the hospital at a little after 10:30AM. The parking building was full again, as usual. While the Hubby waited for a parking space, I went to the clinic to have Amber’s name listed. Wala pa daw si Doc at pang-9 kami sa pila. Okay lang, at least I still have time to get a form from our healthcard in the 15th floor of the other building. Siguro naman by the time I’m done sa healthcard, nakapagpark na si Hubby, dumating na si Doc at kami na ang kasunod. A would be perfect timing!

I had a hard time taking the elevator from the 3rd floor so after several minutes of waiting, I decided to ride to the ground floor at sumabay na lang paakyat. When the elevator door opened at the 5th floor, ayaw na magpasakay ni Kuya Operator kasi puno na daw kahit may space pa sa likod. Biglang may sumigaw ng “MOMMY!!!” from outside, when I turned to look, it was Amber. Kuya let Amber in but not the Hubby. Nagsa-stuck up daw yung elevator pag nasobrahan eh. Tsk-tsk, mabigat ka daw, Daddy. LOL! Calling St. Luke’s, your elevator seemed to need a major overhaul.

We got out from the elevator just the exact time that the Hubby reached 15th floor. Hingal na hingal ang lolo. Haha! He just went up 10 floors. Aasarin ko pa sana kaya lang mukhang napagod talaga.

We waited for about 30mins until our number was called. It turned out that Amber’s healthcard had problems on their system and they asked the Hubby to call his company's HR to double check. My Hubby has a temper but it was surprising that he managed to be calm when he spoke to their HR personnel. It must be the long walk upstairs or maganda siguro ang gising, if it wasn’t, malamang may nag-katipunero na dun!

Sabi ko, Amber and I would just go to the clinic while he waits for the feedback from his company. Baka kasi matawag na si Amber sa clinic.

When we went back to the clinic, that was already around 12:45PM. My goolay! Doc pala just came in at 2nd name pa lang daw yung tinawag. Haaay, aabutin kami ng syam-syam! I was really hungry by then.

To make the already long story short, ayun natapos kami ng 3PM. The consultation lasted for only about 10 minutes and we waited forever for that! I told the Hubby that I am going to look for other pediatrician na malapit lang sa amin. Doc naman is okay, kaso she only holds clinic at St. Luke’s tapos super mega dami nyang patients!

What did the Doc do and say during the consultation...

Doc did the basics. Then confirmed our suspicions that Amber is small for her age. Although Doc told us that at the age of 2, she is still within the normal limits but she is already turning 3 in 3 months, so medyo she is short and on the lean side. Okay lang naman yun if she was born a small baby, eh kaso she was 7.3lbs and 50cm when she was born. Ang bilog-bilog nya noon!

She was very quick to gain weight until she reached 1 year old. After that, naging slow na yung weight gain nya. She only gained 1 kg and grew 2 inches in 2 years!

Tapos sobrang ang hirap nyang pakainin. 

I am so worried.

Doc told us to change her vitamins and give her Pediasure for the next 2 months and see if her weight will improve.

I'm praying that it will. L


  1. Grabe! Ang tiyaga niyo, sis.
    Amber doesn't look a little underweight for her age. What's her weight na pla? Baka nmn kasi candy lng yung "pink" na zoiron.. joke!
    Buti nlng sis, niremind mko. We have to have Akira checked by her Pedia. Nagkaron kasi siya ng sobrang trauma sa nurses and Doctors :(

  2. she weighs 11kg. :(

    sobrang picky kasi kumain. di ko na alam kung ano pwede ko i-serve na magugustuhan nya. :(

    aww, wawa naman akira. i hope she overcomes her trauma sa kanila. sabagay, some of them, nakakatrauma naman talaga. i knew of a doc na gusto ko sabunutan sa galit. dapat hindi pinayagang mag-pedia yun eh!

    1. I guess dumadating sa age nila na nagiging picky eater sila talga. There was a time na ang gusto lng ni Akira was plain rice. No Ulam, no sabaw, khit ketchup ayaw. Minsan nmn ang trip lng yogurt. Try mo din mag inquire about changing her milk, it might help :)

    2. ay ganyan sha ngayon. garlic rice lang gusto. pero 3-4 subo lang ayaw na ulit. we're trying to give her pediasure now. sana magwork. ^_^


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