Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HK Trip 2012: Day 4 Kwento

Bakit nga ba ang bilis ng araw?!?!

Parang kelan lang, we were waiting for the day of our flight, tapos ngayon pauwi na kami!

It reminded me, wala pa pala kaming picture inside our hotel room. Not that it's obligatory, feel ko lang!

Oh well, we wanted to maximize our last day in HK but the weather didn’t cooperate. Umuulan pa rin sha (so kaka talaga!).

We spent our last day in HK going around Mongkok. We checked-out from the hotel early then leave our baggage there while we walk around. We didn’t wander afar kasi we plan to head to the Airport at 12NN.
Along the streets of Mongkok

We had an early lunch at the Aberdeen Fishball and Noodle House. Sarap ng noodles. At singlaki ng batya ang soup bowl! As usual, the dumplings and wontons that go with the soup are yum-yum! I’ll get by everyday in HK with just noodles and dimsums! ^_^

Then we passed by the ladies market. Tingin-tingin... pero wala namang nabili. LOL!

When we got tired of ‘window-shopping’ in the market, we went back to the hotel to pick up our baggage. Haaay, ang boring ng last day! ^_^

I approached a friendly staff at the hotel to ask for the directions to the nearest bus station going to the airport. It was a few blocks away lang so lakad uli ang tropa! I was carrying Amber the whole time because she doesn’t want to be seated on her stroller. Sabi ko na nga ba! When I got a little tired, we stopped for a while and I put her down. As soon as she had her feet on the ground, she sighed, “haaay! Pagod!”. Ano daaaw?!? Pano kaya sha napagod eh I was carrying her the whole time! Kaloka!

Our flight is at 6PM but with HK Airport, you have to be super early especially if you have check-in baggage. Ang laki kaya ng airport! The long walk doesn’t stop after you have checked in your baggage.

Ilang akyat-baba pa yun. 

Tapos from the immigration, you have to take a train to the boarding gates. Oo! May train sha sa airport, ang bongga di ba?

Mama and Amber went to the Disney store inside the airport. The little girl was quick to pick up the little Minnie in pink. Walang nagawa ang Mama but to pay for it kasi her apo wouldn’t let go of it. Haha! 

Amber held on to the plastic bag until we got home. As in hindi nya talaga binitawan even when she fell asleep in the plane.

She was so happy now that she has a small, medium and large Minnie Mouse.

At alam nyo ba, since we thought that we’ve been there early, super relaxed lang kami when we checked in our baggage kasi we have our boarding pass na naman e. So ikot-ikot lang. Kain dito, kain doon. Meron pang natulog! 

This is Amber's photography. Favorite subject -- Floor!

She was trying to set the timer here as seen from her Dad. ;-\

At 4PM we decided to proceed to the boarding gates. My goolay! Ang haba ng pila sa immigration! Ok pa din, there’s still 2 hours left to spare.

After the immigration, we took the train to where the boarding gates are.

Sa haba ng lakad-takbo namin, when we got off the train, it was already 5:40PM! Mama was already in panic. Baka nga naman maiwan na kami ni PAL. So run we go again.

When we reached the boarding gate, the airplane pala just got there. We left HK at 6:45PM. Yeap, 45mins delayed sha. Hay naku, PAL! You never cease to impress me! Parang nung last time, 8AM supposed to be ang flight namin, you cancelled that flight and put us on your 2:30PM flight. You are so kaka! Buti na lang, my little girl was so happy to see an airplane. She kept on squealing while pointing at the aircraft.

There was an elder woman nearby who can’t resist to comment about how talkative and articulate (to some extent) Amber was. She said she has an apo who is the same age with Amber but not as articulate as she is. Eh mawalang galang na po Grandma, kanya-kanyang phase lang po yan. Si Amber po hindi pa potty-trained at nearly 3. Waaaahhhhh!!!

She beat me to the window seat! :-(

...and slept as soon as the airplane took off.

We landed at NAIA Terminal 2 at 8:15PM. So fast no? Mas matagal pa yung byahe namin going home.

There ends our short HK vacation and my loooooong story!

Sana next year ulit. Sino naman kaya sponsor next time? Hehehe!


  1. ang bongga ng HK stories mo sis,details talaga!:)
    kelangan ko mag-backread kase andami ko pa HK posts na namiss.who knows makakuha ako tips if ever magkaron kami trip in the future.(haha,wish lang!)

    1. thanks, sis. fresh na fresh pa on my mind eh. ^_^

      ay, go lang sis... i'll make some amateur recommendations if you're willing to take. hehe! o kaya naman, sabay tayo punta next time! hehehe!

  2. Super enjoy ang long story mo, sis! Nakalimutan ko ng magblog kaka-abang sayo :)
    So kaka nga nmn si Lola, kanya kanyang phase yan :) Virtual apir tyo, sis! Hindi padin potty trained si Akira :)

    1. apir! sana lang bago sila magdebut eh marunong na sila mangubeta. hehe!

      naku, ewan ko ba sakin, hindi talaga ko marunong magkwento ng maikli. kaya pasensha na sa pagkahaba-habang eklavu! :-D

    2. Anu ka ba?! Enjoy kaya ako. Ako kasi maikli magkwento - halos puro pictures, minsan lng ang mega haba na post, kaya enjoy ako reading your blog. It's a big help na may cute pictures pang kasama. Yun nga lng, wag nmn sa pagkain. Alam mo nmn yun ang weakness ko. Naghahanap tlaga ako pag nagpo-post ka! :)

    3. hahaha! thank you sis. isa kang malaking contributing factor sa existence ng blog na ito. ^_^

  3. I miss HK! Sana matuloy plans namin to take Little Andoy to Disneyland early next year :)

    1. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you sis. ^_^

  4. Amber is so cute and funny! :)

    I totally enjoyed your HK posts! :)


    1. thank you, Ina. thanks also for dropping by. ^_^


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