Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm A Schoolgirl's Mom

Amber is officially going to a big school this year! Yay! It wasn’t really a difficult decision on our part. After she finished a year in toddler school with very minimal absences (that were not her own doing. She even wanted to go to school even on weekends, mind you), we figured she will get through a year in a formal class without any problems. FINGERS CROSSED.

I’ll be extra busy this weekend because I have to buy a cloth for Amber’s uniform, the smallest size RTW kasi sa school does not fit her. Mashado pa rin malaki. So I’ll just ask a seamstress, who I still have to look for, to make Amber her uniforms.

The shoes... the shoes! I haven’t bought her a black shoes yet! That and a bag. :(

The books, I’ll be paying this weekend na rin, so that’ll be crossed out from my list by next week.

My main problem now is the school service.

Those accredited by the school, ang hirap kausap!

Ate Judith said there is a neighbor who offers school services, pero wala nang slot because all of the village already commissioned his services. Saka as much as possible, he does not accept students younger than a 3rd grader. Ang hirap daw kasi hanapin pag sobrang bata, hindi marunong sumunod sa pick-up point. Sayang, mas okay sana sha because he lives in the same village.

Sigh! I’ve never been this agitated when she was in toddler school. Feeling ko kasi, ibang level na to. This is real school! Feel na feel ko na aatend ako ng PTAs. Excited much!

This is it, pancit! I am now a mommy of a big-schoolgirl! Mas excited pa ako. Join me in my new quest -- as a schoolgirl's mom. :)

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