Friday, August 22, 2014

First Periodical Exams Results

Here again is one proud beaming mommy! ^_^

Looking at Amber’s test papers do make me beam, as in aabot na from ear to ear ang ngiti ko. Ngawit na ang jaw, pero keri lang.

I haven’t seen the results of her tests in Religion and Filipino, where I am most concerned dahil sing-barok ng pagsasalita nya ang pagbabasa nya sa Filipino. Although I hear her speak more in Filipino lately, she is still more comfortable in English. Anyhoo, pasasaan ba, darating din kami dun!

Results: Perfect 50/50 in Science, 48/50 in Math and English.

Yeap, di naman po super perfect but I’m so proud kasi if you’ve seen her initial quizzes, susmaryosep, record breaking! Record breaking low! Na-culture shock ata ang Amber. New school eh, new style of teaching, new environment, etc., etc...

Ang hindi ko pa rin ma-get over, is their Science lessons. They really are discussing Matter in Kinder! Aliw! I remembered learning this in Grade IV na ata!

Hindi ba talaga binago na ang spelling ng GRAEPS? Hehehe!

So ayun, hapi-hapi ang mader that the kiddo was able to turn her grades around. ^_^

Keep it up, baby girl!

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