Friday, August 08, 2014

Daddy's Baby Brother

To: Baby brother of Daddy
From: Amber Mommy Daddy

Nope, Daddy doesn’t really have a baby brother. It just seems that all babies are either baby brothers or baby sisters to Amber. :)

So, what’s the story behind this little gift card?

At the mall, I asked Amber to help me find a gift for Daddy’s friend’s baby who will be baptized the next day.

Amber: Sure Mommy. Is the baby boy or girl?
Mommy: Boy.
Amber: Oh, a baby brother!

When we got home, Amber approached me holding the gift box and pointing to the card attached to it.

Amber: Mommy, you have to write the name of Daddy’s little brother sa “TO:”, then write our names sa “FROM:”.
Mommy: Later na Amber, kasi Daddy doesn’t know the name of the baby yet.
Amber: It’s okay, just write “Baby brother”.
Mommy: Let Daddy write the name na lang when he gets there tomorrow.

Later, I found her intently writing on the gift card and tadaah! Job's done! 

Libang na libang ako. It just proved how persistent and determined she is. And I’m glad she’s learning to spell words without any help from us. Good job, Amber!

Although I think I have to include PATIENCE and THE VALUE OF LISTENING TO PARENTS in our next lessons. ;/

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