Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Day With My GPI Friends

My tenure with the Malaysian-owned company (GPI) where I worked in Cavite may be the shortest I had in my employment record but the friendship that I forged with some of the people there are long-lasting!

Last Sunday, I bonded once again with my ex-GPI friends: Alma, who I fondly call Bok, Gricelda and Ivy, Ibyang to me.

I last saw Alma and Gricelda on my wedding. I was so glad they were able to be there on my special day.

With Ivy, the last time I saw her was on my last day in the company, which was 13 years ago! HAS IT REALLY BEEN THAT LONG?!?!

A lot changed... (well, obviously our sizes and shapes, LOL) but not our friendship. They are among the friends I dearly treasure.

We agreed to meet at lunch time in Shabu-shabu in Alabang. We spent more than 5 hours there, chatting more than eating. We realized that we have overstayed when a crew approached us and asked us if we still have additional orders despite the ample leftover in our table. Well, in all fairness to them, it’s not that they attempted or even hinted to throw us out. They told us that we can stay as long as we want, I think they just needed to close their register or something.

What I realized was that I will never be a shabu-shabu fan. As mouth-watering the tiger prawns (which I got a bit intimidated because of their size) are, I wasn’t able to eat much of it because I don’t know how to season them! BUMMER! I indulged with the tuna, scallops and thinly-sliced Angus beef instead. Though unseasoned, they still made me feel full. :)

It was obvious we still didn’t want to end the day so when Bok’s husband, who is a PAF officer, invited us to dinner, we all scurried to McKinley to meet up with him.

We had dinner at Uncle Cheffy’s, where I had the best cheesecake ever! I was so stuffed I wasn’t able to eat anything but a few bites of the Lovely Jenny Salad (which is really flavorful!), and a slice of Uncle Cheffy Cheesecake, which I fell in love with at first bite! I made a mental note to drag the Hubby to a nearest Uncle Cheffy this weekend. I have to have another slice of that cheesecake!!!

We said our farewells at past 9PM. I bet if it wasn’t a workday the next day, we might have stayed longer!

I missed you, girls! Until our next date. :)

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