Thursday, August 14, 2014

Conversations With Amber

Amber Palusot
Daddy: Amber, can you massage my back?
Amber: uhmm, tired hands ko, daddy.
Pero she can't stop playing with the LPS Apps on Daddy's iPhone. EXCUSES!

Amber Echosera
On eating vegetable...
Mommy: Amber, try this o...
Amber: What’s that?
Mommy: vegetable. It’s called sayote... di ba vegetables make you glow?
Amber: ok.
She eats the sayote with gusto.
Amber: hmmm... delicious!
Mommy: You want some more? Wait, kukuha pa ko.
Amber: No! No! No! Enough na, Mommy.
KALA KO BA MASARAP!?!? Echosera!

Amber Coniotic 
Amber: I don’t like it when it rains kasi when it rains, it baha saka it makes people sick.
Oh really?! They get sakit? ;/

Amber Chuchal 
Amber: Ate Mai, where’s my lipstick?!?
Hanu daw??!!!?
Amber: Ate Mai, did you see my lipstick?... And blusher?
OH EM GEE!! Meron sha nun?? Daig pa ang nanay!

Amber Usisera
I was in the CR relieving myself when I heard Amber from the door.
Amber: Mommy!!! What are you doing inside the bathroom?
She always does that when I’m in the CR, as if I can do something else in there which she doesn’t know yet. So, I decided to make fun of her.
Mommy: Sleeping!
Amber: What?!? You are not supposed to sleep in the bathroom. Sleeping is in the bedroom! That’s crazy!
Ansabeh?!? Crazy daw?! Nakaka-shock ha! When I recovered from the shock brought about by her response...
Mommy: So what am I supposed to do in the bathroom?
Amber: You can take a bath, wash your hands, wash your feet! But not sleep!
Mommy: I’m not doing those things either. What else do you think I’m doing here?
Amber: Urgh! Okay, okay! Just continue sleeping in there.
I still heard her babbling as she walked away. Kaloka!

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