Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So, Drinking Soft Drinks Is A Sin?

I have never liked nor find Atty. Adel Tamano cute until now. But of course I’m aware that his being against imposing sin tax on soft drinks and sweet beverages may not at all be for personal reasons as he represents the Beverage Industry Association of the Philippines. Still, it’s refreshing to see someone like Atty. Tamano talk against the potential increase in soft drinks prices due to the pending Soft Drinks Sin Tax Bill.

I admit, I was one among those who had violent reactions upon hearing this bill. It says, “House Bill 595 seeks to levy additional taxes on such drinks not only to get added revenue, but also to discourage the regular intake of such drinks that pose risks to health.

While I don’t deny that regular drinking of soft drinks is not a healthy choice, drinking it is still a CHOICE!

Saka, let’s take this into consideration: Pag nag-increase ba ng presyo ang soft drinks dahil sa additional tax na yan, eh hindi ka na bibili nito?! I doubt it. Pag sobrang init gaya dito sa Pinas, at nakakita ka ng malamig na malamig na sopdrink, hindi ka ba bibili nito para uminom dahil iisipin mo na mahal? Dahil very tempting yan, kahit tumaas pa ang presyo nyan, bibili at bibili ka pa rin. Iinom at iinom ka pa rin. So, pa’nong ang pagpataw ng buwis dyan eh makakatulong sa pagbaba ng obesity case sa Pilipinas? Saka ilang beses na ba tumaas ang presyo ng soft drinks dahil sa increasing cost? Nabawasan ba ang obesity rate ng Pilipinas?!?!

Who will be more affected? Wouldn’t it be the employees of the company who can potentially lose their jobs if soft drinks manufacturer cease to produce or reduce their production volume? Or granted that consumers quit from buying soft drinks, wouldn’t small retailers and eateries face the potential loss of their livelihood?

I think Rep. Leni Robredo’s bill on banning soft drinks in schools is more acceptable because unlike adults, children cannot discern yet what is good or bad for them. They will drink soft drinks if you will make soft drinks available for them. Again, parents should have a conscious effort in educating their children.

If you offer my daughter soft drinks, she will strongly refuse it and will tell you, “Soft drinks are not for kids”, although she knows that her mother is a regular drinker of Mt. Dew! 

My point is, drinking soft drinks can be avoided by sheer will. It will not cause obesity if you don’t drink it! Don’t use health reasons to impose additional taxes on soft drinks! Do not impose additional taxes on it, period! Sasakit lang ang bulsa ko sa tumataas na presyo ng Mt. Dew pero hindi ako mapipigilan bumili at uminom nito, kaya please, if you really want to help the masa like me, don’t tax soft drinks! Hmp!

To our legislators, please, find other means to increase the government’s revenues like go after those corrupt officials, big-time tax evaders, and the likes instead of trying to deny us of our sweet refreshment pleasures. Wala naman pong basagan ng simpleng trip. 

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