Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pet Peeve: Feeling Rapunzel

Sorry Rapunzel, this has nothing to do with you. I do like you in fact. Meron lang mga tao na nagfi-feeling Rapunzel. Them, I despise! 

It’s beginning to be a major annoyance for me. If I only have a choice and not use public transportation, I would! But I can’t because the price of gasoline will strangle me, if the hubby hasn’t yet. Imagine if I’d ask him to drive me to the office every day before he goes to his work, which is so totally out of way! Well, I can try and drive myself if only I’d learn to drive an MT car, but that’s a completely different story.

So another option is to bring scissors and cut those very annoying hair that swings to your face during a jeepney ride. That would be fun! I can get away with that legally, right? Like, I can accuse the hair of trespassing on my personal space and what I did was self-defense, right? 
Photo Credits: @IlongoP

Seriously, I might do that. But I will not enjoy the public attention in case I get engaged in a cat-fight. So for the meanwhile, I’ll try to muster all the patience I can get and be content by politely reminding these girls to mind their hair in a public transport as I do. I mean, I also wear my hair long but at least I try not to make my hair become a nuisance to others by keeping it tucked whenever I'm in a moving public vehicle. A little consideration goes a long way. Try that!

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