Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Very Intimate Children’s Party

Felt great to be among the only few guests invited to a children’s party! Well, it wasn't really a party but a simple celebration. Basta, feeling ko, nasa 6-14 year old bracket lang ako. Haha!

We celebrated my boss’ children's birthday on Aug-8. Katuwa ano, pareho talagang August 8 ang birthday nila. My boss is very fond of numerology, astrology and stuff. So connect na lang what’s so important about 8/8. According to him, it wasn’t planned at all, purely coincidental!

Going back to the party. It was very cozy and intimate. As in 3 lang kaming guests, save 1 teenage classmate ng celebrator who came in late, and none of us can be considered a child. On a children’s party? Ang bongga di ba? But it was still fun. Namaos ako kakasigaw sa videoke! LOL!

The good thing about being a guest in a party this size, with people you know very well, is that nobody will mind if you’re out of tune. Even if they do, they’ll just shrug about it. Wala talagang basagan ng trip! Kanya-kanyang panahon lang yan. When it’s their turn on the mic, you just busy yourself searching for your next repertoire para di mo rin sila mashado naririnig at walang temptation na mambasag ka ng trip! Ang saya lang talaga!

Anyways, happy birthday Kuya Jim King! 

The first time I stepped in your daddy’s office, you were barely a year old. Ngayon, abah! Binata ka na! Hmpft, makes me feel old again. Huhu! I’m happy that you are growing up a very respectful, polite and well-mannered young man. Keep it up!

Happy 6th birthday naman to this cute and sweet girl! 

She’s my bestest friend na, ever! You know why? When I got there, she keeps on looking at me. Then after a while, she approached and tugged me on my arm and whispered, “maganda ka”. Oh di ba? C’mon, kids don’t lie! Haha!

After the pukpok-palayok game, she approached me again and with all smiles handed me 3 1-peso coins. Di ba ang sweet? Maybe she thought she should give me some coins because I didn’t get any from the palayok. Eh kasi, alangan naming makipag-agawan ako sa mga bagets di ba? Parang nahiya naman kasi ako. OR! She thought I looked like I don’t have pamasahe pauwi? Hahaha! Either ways, thank you, sweet Jexcel. Stay sweet and thoughtful!

Here are some pictures from that day:

At shempre... I'm so planning to make this an obligatory shot everytime I go out. Harhar!

Happy birthday, kids!

*Photos courtesy of their Tita Margie. 

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