Friday, August 24, 2012

Potty-Training 101

After several failed attempts to get a urine sample, I have finally, really decided and will commit to potty-training Amber.

I accepted the fact that children Amber’s age must already be potty-trained. I cannot wait until she is in grade school before I realize that.

Kasi naman, it’s been taking us forever for her urinalysis. Although, she isn’t having fever now, I still want to have her urine tested so we can give her the proper medications if she is having again a UTI. Kaso nga -- We. Still. Can’t. Collect. Her. Urine! She always removes the wiwi bag that we put on her. :( 

It’s so frustrating!

So I talked to the Hubby and convinced him to buy a potty trainer!

What we bought previously is a children’s toilet bowl seat - parang adapter seat sha. And the Hubby then thought that this would be enough to train her to sit on the toilet bowl.

Okay naman sana sha kaso Amber cannot climb up the toilet alone. Whereas sa potty trainer, she can just sit on it anytime she feels like relieving herself di ba?

Then one night, the Hubby brought this home:
Amber's so simple yet functional potty.

Amber thought it was another chair. She sat on it and carried it around the house. We explained how it is used. Mukhang naintindihan naman so done with the introductions and proceed to step 1 na kami. ^_^

The next day, I didn’t put diapers on her anymore. Then she told me she wants to pee. I told her to sit in the potty. She sat nga but didn’t remove her shorts and panty. So mega-explain ako, kulang na lang talaga mag-demo ako (which by the way I really did when I brought her inside the bathroom). The little girl removed her shorts kunyari. As in she acted as if she removed her shorts before she sat on the potty. Only, andun pa yung shorts!

She refused to remove the shorts! Hay, buhay! I didn’t know it would be this difficult! But I’m hopeful that by the end of this week, she will be able to tell us when she wants to pee and poop already and we will be able to put the potty in good use!

Yesterday nga pala, she was able to tell us that she will pee. But before I could bring her to where the potty is, ayun, lumabas na si pee. At least, she is beginning to inform us before it happens. Konti na lang and it will be a success! Fingers crossed! ^_^


  1. Apiir!
    It's very rewarding to see them being potty trained dba? It is such a big accomplishment for us moms that only we could not help but get proud :)

    1. korek ka sis! kaya kakarerin ko rin ito! para makaipon ng panglamyerda sa na-save na diaper. harharhar!


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