Monday, August 13, 2012

My Little Chef Wannabe

Like most little girls are, Amber is now fond of playing with toy cooking sets. Well, I guess I have Mama to blame for that because she has been bringing home toy stoves, pans and cookwares as pasalubong for her apo everytime she comes home. Ang mga lolang spoiler talaga! ^_^

Eh pahuhuli ba ang Mommy?! Hehe! So I bought her these cute fruit and vegetable toys that she can actually cut in halves.

Nice no? Each half has a Velcro tape that attaches the other half to it. It also comes with toy knives. It felt so real slicing the fruits and vegetables in halves! Ang saya! I had fun playing with it myself.

Amber was so excited that she couldn’t wait until we get home to play with her new toys. Dun pa lang sa mall while we were having snacks, she started to play with them na. ^_^

Sige lang anak, I will be supporting you if you want to be a chef one day. Basta cook Mommy’s favorites lagi ha!

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