Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ate Nora!

Me: Ate, kelan nga pala ang birthday mo?

Ate Nora: Kahapon po.

Ngek! Ako na ang too late magtanong.

I was planning to ask her when her birthday is weeks ago but I only had the chance to really ask her yesterday. Sadly, lumipas na pala. But at least, wala pang 24 hours. Pwede pa magcelebrate! Yipee!

By the way, Ate Nora is Amber’s not-so-new yaya. She is from Sorsogon. She joined us last April and so far, everything is working great with her and Amber. She has always been patient with Amber. It helps that she is a mother of 6 grown-up children and a grandmother of 2. She just turned 42 last Friday.

She is the reason why Amber's hair is always in a pony or pigtails lately. Ang tyaga nyang ayusan si Amber kahit ubod ng likot! 

Happy birthday, Ate Nora! We wish you good health always!


  1. Happy Birthday Yaya Nora! Yaya's who are patient with kids are true GEMS! =)

    1. so true! sana lang we can keep them forever. ^_^

  2. Makiki- Happy birthday nadin ako to Ate Nora :) Hope she stays with you guys hanggang lumaki si Amber :)

    She looks mabait naman at in fairness, mukha nmn talgang tutok kay Amber kaya siguro tumaba ndin si Lian.. oops! Amber pala (hindi ako sanay. haha) :)

    1. oo nga sis. sana. ^_^
      hahaha! minsan hindi na sha nagrerespond sa Amber, kasi she's Lian daw.


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