Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Couch Potato Me

What has been on TeeVee? Book to film/TV adaptations! ^_^

Game of Thrones

I failed! I failed again to read the book before seeing the TV adaptation. L

But I have good reasons! One, ang haba ng book! At ang hirap nya basahin, I swear! Two, well, the story is very interesting but it can be very boring at some point. Several times, I was tempted to skip a chapter. I just stop myself because I might miss an important event out of that boring chapter. Third, I got hold of a copy of the TV series, Seasons 1 and 2. Now, what can stop me from watching? Teehee!

I’m glad that I watched the TV series instead. I was instantly hooked. I was able to finish two seasons (equivalent to two books: Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings) in a little over 1 week. Now, I’m so looking forward to the release of the third season (A Storm of Swords).

Hunger Games

I finally watched the movie adaptation last Saturday night! Thanks to the resourceful pirates of the world for making a BluRay copy available 7 days before its expected release! Oh-ha!

Again, it is very disadvantageous knowing the story (by heart) before seeing the film. Feeling ko ambagal ng story. Kasi naman, I was already anticipating the next moves and scenes. I tried all my might not to make kwento while we watch for the benefit of my Hubby who is totally clueless about the film. Ang hirap! Kulang na lang i-stapler ko ang bibig ko, hehe! 

I liked how it was executed. The scenes that made me cry in the book did make me cry in the movie, too. Oo naman, iniyakan ko ang Hunger Games! Haha! At proud ko pa talagang inamin ha. Sows!

Once Upon A Time

I know that this TV Series is not based on a particular book (but of several story books!). Pero isasama ko pa rin sa post na ito. Simply, because I loved this TV Series. All my lazy weekends were spent watching it episode after episode.

I finished 22 episodes in 2 weekends. Marathon to the nth power!

This is about the story of Snow White and the other fairytale characters that were cursed by the Evil Queen. The fairytale characters were brought to a different period and lived in a village called Storybrooke at the present time not knowing who they were in the past and how they are connected to each other. The prophecy is that the curse can be broken by Snow White’s daughter when she reached her 28th year. The baby was sent to live in the present time to save her from the Evil Queen’s wrath.

There you go... aside from mommy and wifey duties, these are the things that make a busy me during weekends. ^_^


  1. Waaah. Ang tagal ng dinownload ni Khan ang Hunger games para basahin ko.. Pero sa awa ng Diyos, ayun, ni first chapter hindi ko padin natitingnan :) hihihi

    1. pero once naumpisahan mo sis, i'm sure you'll get hooked. ^_^


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