Monday, August 13, 2012

My Big Better Burger Appetite

Isisingit ko lang my favorite burger of the season. ^_^

Pano ko ba sisimulan to without craving for another big burger?!? Bahala na ang diet!

So far, I have tried Mushroom Loco, Hahalapeno, and Bacon Barbecue Burger. Yup, ganyan ko sha ka-like at hindi ko tinigilan balik-balikan until I’ve tried most of their best-sellers.

All the burgers are yum-yum with grilled 1/3 lb pure beef patties that you can instruct to be cooked their way or a little well-done (like what I prefer).

With Mushroom Loco, I love the combination of the mushroom and the cheese dressing on the juicy burger patty. It’s very creamy.

Bacon Barbecue Burger naman has this sweet barbecue sauce that contrasts with the tanginess of the grilled onion ring.

My favorite of all the three, is the Hahalapeno. It’s a bit spicy because of the salsa dressing, making my burger more appetizing!

Have your Big Better Burger paired with a French fries and soda. A perfect snack meal! Next on my list is the 3 Cheese Explosion!

Big Better Burger
L G/F SM City Fairview


  1. Seriously? In fairness, mura siya ha! Very far naman ang "Far"view samin :(

    1. oo nga eh. but i'm sure there's a branch near you. o kaya naman malay mo at maligaw ka dito minsan. lemme know ha! ^_^


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