Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Sweet Comeback

Hurrah! Finally able to post an entry today. Akala ko sa January na ako makakapag-blog. L I missed doing this! If not for the crazy holiday schedule.

Hello friends! I admit I have a lot of back-reading to do. I surely missed reading your blogs. Didn’t blog-hop as well during my absence. I promise to keep up, I hope I didn’t miss a lot.

Anyhow, this is the problem when you stray for too long, I suddenly don’t know where to start and that explains my nonsense intro. J

So, let me gather my thoughts first as I leave you a box of these delightful, oh-so-yummy and also calorie-loaded donuts from J.Co. I really have to share them with you. You know, spread the cheers, spread the calories! Har-har!

I’m so glad it opened a branch in SM City Fairview. The lines are a lot shorter... for now.

Amber likes J.Co a lot. She can eat 1 whole donut in 1 sitting. That is after you let her run and play around the mall for hours. :)

Btw, know why I was able to blog today, this morning? It's already 10AM and I'm still alone in the office, I wonder why my officemates aren't here yet?! Di naman holiday ngayon di ba? Hmmm... isip-isip.

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