Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Letter For Amber On Her 6th Birthday

To my ever dearest Amber,

You turn six today.

You revel on being called a kid now. Yes, you don’t want to be called a baby anymore. But you know what? You will always be my and daddy’s baby, even if you are already 30 years old! You will never stop being our baby. I can almost hear you say, “What?! That’s crazy!”, in your funny American accent, which I will always be amazed of hearing since none of us in the household speaks that way.

You are very inquisitive. I’ve never heard so many WHYs in my life! But I’m glad that you never hold back in learning. You are never scared to ask us anything that baffles you or are new to you. I hope Daddy and I would always be able to satisfy your interested mind. If we do not, just keep on asking us... ;-)

You enjoy simple things. Despite that your playmates own high-end gadgets and expensive toys, you never once asked us to buy the same things for you. Instead, you enjoy playing with the things that you already have.

You are very creative. When you are done playing with your toys, you ask for paper and you make this:

There are so many paper cut-outs among your toys but I never dare throw them away no matter how crumpled they become because I know that they are your creations. That for you, they are made for something, that they mean something.

Every day, I still and always thank God for you. Every moment, I am loving you more!

Mommy Lanie

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