Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Meet My New Toy, Sue!

I have always wanted to own a sewing machine. But, I don’t know how to sew. I just feel that I need it because I’m the person who always finds something is wrong with the clothes I bought. They’re either too tight or too loose here and there. So my solution is to alter them to have a better fit! But simple alterations done in dress shops aren't cheap.

Also, good pillowcases are so darn expensive! And our bed is a home to almost a dozen irregularly sized and shaped pillows. It’s so hard to find pillowcases in colors of same shades that will fit all the pillows we have. It would save me trouble if I can just make our own pillowcases.

So when I chanced upon this ad in Lazada, my first sewing machine arrived in our door the next day!
This blurry picture was taken by Amber who insisted that she takes the picture. :)

Well, it’s not like those bad ass Singer machine with the table and all. It’s a portable mini-sewing machine! And Yes, I’m naming her SUE! Our household has this habit of naming things so it’ll be easier to identify them like our External Memory Drive who we call “ED”, and the other External Memory Drive who is named “TERA”. Sounds crazy but it definitely works for us! :)

Sue pretty much sews any kind of fabrics except denims. So excited to put this mini-machine to work! I also heard that it's like a sewing machine for dummies. Perfect for me!

Imagine how many pillow cases I can make from this? 

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