Monday, June 01, 2015

Conversations with Amber

How do you know when your kids are growing up? They say things that you don’t expect to hear from them.

Chismis 101

Me: Amber, do you know [playmate’s] dad?
It was an innocent question, I swear!

Amber: Wala e. He left. Maybe he wanted to be with another woman who is not [playmate’s] mom.

My jaw dropped.

Helping hand

Handing me her toothbrush.
Amber: Mommy, can you help me brush my teeth?
Mommy: How do you want me to help you?
Amber: I want you to brush my teeth.
Mommy: Ha? I thought you already know how to brush your teeth by yourself? Di ba you’ve been doing that already?
Amber: Eh kasi it’s tagal if I do it myself.
Mommy: It’s okay, I can wait.
Amber: But mommy, it’s getting late na diba? If you help me, I can finish faster.
Where do they get this logic?

The Yellow Fruit

After seeing the mango on the table...
Amber: Mommy, I’m hungry.
Mommy: What do you want to eat?
Amber: Hmmm, I don’t know... Maybe something that is yellow?
Mommy: Ah, mango?
Amber: Huh?!? How can you say that? I didn’t even thought (sic) about that. But yes, I can eat mango.
Style nito, bulok.

Busy God

While traversing the busy Alabang road...
Amber: God must be tired making all these people.


Daddy, what is he selling?”, says Amber while pointing at the Lay Minister the Church

...during Communion.

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