Tuesday, June 09, 2015

My Grade-Schooler

See the uniform? Nope, she didn’t transfer into a new school but she’s wearing a big girl’s uniform now. Amber is officially in Grade school! And oh, the skirt... I have to mention that I did pretty well in adjusting its length. Yup, that was done by me with, of course, the help of SUE. Oh I’m enjoying our time together! Will tell you more about it some other time. ;)

Notice the bag? It seems bigger than her, right? We had to buy her a new bag because all her books and school supplies cannot fit in the old bag anymore. We were lucky to find a good bag that will not be too heavy for her to roll around.

Since she will be in school for a good 7 hours and 35 minutes, I have to find ways how to make her eat the lunch that Ate Mai and I prepared for her. Amber eats well now, but you still have to supervise her and always nag her to finish her food. Eating time at home for a meal usually takes almost an hour. :(

She looks very excited when she saw her new books. I always hope she will find her learning years enjoyable.

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